Admittance Requirements

Entry Requirements


In most cases, 72 hours of sobriety is required.  This is dependent upon consumption and type or amount of drugs and/or alcohol used. Please remember that stopping a substance without proper supervision can lead to health complications, seizures or even death. If you are, or know someone who is considering treatment and want to get help, please call or email us with your questions or concerns. I strongly suggest that you to contact your local hospital and ask them to give you information on withdrawal management.

Individuals must show desire to change, must also be physically and mentally stable to participate in the program. If you are uncertain, you can contact us for further entry requirements. Applications to Irving House can be made through various avenues including: Phone, Email, and our Website.

Although we try to keep our information gathering to a minimum, it is very important that we collect certain information to ensure the best possible outcome for the individual. The information can be gathered through assessments, questionnaires, intake forms and general conversations. Please rest assure that all information collected is protected under the Privacy Act.

Here at Irving House, you can expect a supportive environment as we welcome everyone like it is their own home. You will have more individual time with your counsellor(s) and private time to discover your own ways of healing.


Potential clients usually rely on their own resources in terms of financially covering the costs of treatment, however we do recognize the strain alcohol and drugs can place on your life financially and we are here to support you in terms of finding resources to cover the costs. We are always looking for ways to help individuals who cannot afford the treatment costs.


Irving house is an affordable Treatment Centre located in Pembroke, you will find everything you need in terms of quality care, case management, treatment planning and aftercare.

Fee For Service

The fees for our services vary. Full payment is required upon admission. Irving House accepts payments by one of the following means: wire transfer, certified cheque, credit card.

We do have financing options available please call for more information. Please visit

What to Expect


The benefits to this type of environment come in many forms:

• You can expect more one-on-one attention from the staff and counsellors.
• You can expect more private time to deal with your own healing and outlook.
• You can expect more education concerning holistic attributes of healing, like diet and exercise.
• You can expect more extensive follow-up care after you leave the treatment centre.

What to Bring

  • Shampoo, soap, tooth brush, shaving kit, etc.
  • Gym shoes and workout clothes
  • Socks and underwear
  • Swim suit (one-piece)
  • Jacket (weather appropriate)
  • Comfortable casual clothing (laundry facilities available)
  • Water bottle
  • Small day pack
  • Prescription medication as prescribed and in the original containers. Blister packs are preferred. Any additional prescriptions and/or medication information
  • No Over-the-counter medication (unless you have a Doctor’s Note or prescription that states you can take it which includes: time, dosage and frequency)
  • Debit and/or credit card
  • Long distance calling card
  • Enough cigarettes for your entire stay (for smokers) however you will be able to go to the local store to purchase more
  • A printed copy of all relevant telephone numbers and other emergency information
  • Personal Health Card and other relevant ID
  • Cell phones, laptops and/or music players are permitted but are limited to your own personal time

What NOT to Bring

  • T-shirts with offensive slogans or that promote alcohol or drugs
  • Excessively revealing clothing
  • Mouthwash or other items containing alcohol (i.e. perfume and hand sanitizer)
  • Creatine supplements

Phone: 1-613-735-3330

Please Note


Incidental Money


You are welcome to bring money for other items and outings which we can keep safe for you. However, should you chose to keep your valuables with you, we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Reading Material


There is a small library of such books that can be signed out or purchased while in treatment.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. Ryunosuke Satoro