Drug Specific Information Series

Drug Specific Information Series

  • Posted by Alex Sweet
  • On February 9, 2018

Addiction is chronic and progressive.

It impacts every member of the family, regardless of who is using the substance. Addiction impacts the workplace/school environment and can impact any relationship around the individual suffering from the addiction. When an individual is living with an addiction there are many traits that they may exude. These common traits may be physical, mental or emotional.

Physical traits may vary from substance to substance however the mental and emotional traits tend to be more common across substances. Here are some general traits to look out for if you are concerned for a loved one, employee or friend:

  • Increased use of a substance
  • Sick when they are not able to use a substance
  • Become angry, irritable when not able to use a substance
  • Changes in appetite (increase or decrease)
  • Changes in weight (both gain or loss)
  • Sleep changes (increase or decrease)
  • Social activities change as well as social group
  • Risk taking behaviour increases (driving erratically etc.)
  • Isolation and secrecy
  • Denial such as not seeing the problem or saying they are fine
  • Not participating in hobbies or activities they used to enjoy
  • Legal issues
  • Financial issues
  • Relationship problems

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these traits or it is time to make some changes to your own substance use, call Irving House Addiction Treatment Centre today.

As the traits of some substances can vary depending on the substance being abused, we will be featuring one substance a month on our blog in our Drug Specific Information Series. Check back each month to learn more specific traits, symptoms and concerns for various substances. We will provide general information to help educate and inform families and individuals suffering from addiction.

The substances featured will include new designer drugs, synthetic drugs, illicit drugs and prescription drugs as well as alcohol and other substances. Addiction doesn’t’ have to be to a substance, it can be to a behaviour, food or the internet and gaming. We will be sharing on these topics throughout our coming months of blogs as well.

Again, please reach out if any of the above information seems to fit someone in your social circle.



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