Journey to Recovery

Journey to Recovery

  • Posted by Alex Sweet
  • On January 21, 2018

Your Journey to Recovery Starts Here…

Why do we call it a JOURNEY to recovery?

Recovery does not come easily. There is no CURE for addiction. There is no “off switch” or “quick fix.” Recovery takes time and effort. It takes a lifetime commitment to bettering oneself and wellbeing. It is not simply about stopping the use of substances; it is about creating a better life. Recovery is about being a better version of oneself today than yesterday.

Recovery is best done as a team. Keeping one another in check and accountable and growing together in a supportive atmosphere. It is about supporting and building one another up. At Irving House this journey is incredibly important. Our program is unique in that we build our clients up and through the method of hope and healing. We look at the individual as a whole, mind, body and spirit. We know that recovery is so much more than just “stopping” a substance, substances, or behaviours.

This blog is being launched as part of our new website and a fresh method to connect with our clients, our treatment team, families, future clients, past clients and people who are anywhere on the journey to recovery.

We are building this as a resource to stay connected and keep working together. We will present different topics that may be informative, educational, supportive, challenging or anything in between. The intentions of this blog is to be a tool to those anywhere along the journey, whether just starting out, needing a refresher or feeling like you are invincible. There will be something for everyone.

Welcome to our blog, our website and our program.

– The Irving House Treatment Team



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